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Our Mission

Our goal is to deliver added values to our customers and make their businesses more successful by providing services and solutions of highest quality at lowest cost.

        Accounting Integrated    


Inventory Management & Accounting (E-Filing,Barcoding, Barcode Printing,VAT, Cess,Voucher Locking)

Personal & Business Management & Accounting (Address book, Scheduler, Income & Expense Entry, Payables & Receivables, Daybook, Cashbook, Bankbook)

Online Accounting (Inventory, Receipts, Payments, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account)

Hotel Management & Accounting (Front Office, Restaurant, Bar,Multiple Store)

School Management (Student Management, Vehicle Management, Fees Management, Receipts, Payments, Trial Balance, Collection & Dues Reports)

Medical LAB Management (Lab Tests, Billing and Reports generation, Income & expepense Entry, Daybook,Cashbook & Bankbook)

Finance Management (Finance Transactions, Gold & Personal Loans, Receipts, Payments, Trial Balance)

                 A global IT services and business solution provider based in India. We are committed to meet the strategic objectives of our clients by providing technology-driven, value added business solutions. Eee Tech Solutions is a leading Accounting software solution house providing services and developing software applications for its clients in India and Abroad, especially for the retail & whole sale shops, Schools & Hotels.   We aspire to become one of the most efficient and innovative global IT services. A team of dedicated IT professionals who have experience and expertise in providing cutting-edge technology-driven business solutions is our strength.

      Accounting is the foundation of business success. Providing Information at right time without compromising the correctness of data is the key factor of software success. All our software products are integrated with accounting to avoid  re-entry and ensure authenticity of data.



  • Integrated Accounting. All  transactions will update accounts automatically.
  • Inventory, Institutional, Hotel Management systems.

  • Barcode Print using inkjet printer.
  • Complete double entry accounting.
  • FIFO Stock Valuation.
  • Voucher Locking.
  • Manufacturing Option.
  • User defined VAT rates.
  • User rights assignments.
  • Asset Management with multi user versions.

E-Count 3.12 :    Modified E-Count with additional features in Inventory control & Accounting (Bar Code Printing using Ink-Jet Printer, User Management, E-Filing, VAT, Cess Calculations, Voucher Locking, Manufacturing option etc ....). Single & multi user versions.

E-Count Lab  :    Medical LAB test reports & billing software with integrated Accounting. Doctors & Hospitals list, Group Tests, Test reports generation, Billing, Doctor wise and day wise reports. Expense & Income entry and reports. Purchase details and reports. Daybook, Cash Book, Bank Book, Trial Balance, Receivables & Payables list, Daily test reports and collection summary reports. E-Count Loan  :    Gold loan management with integrated accounting. Daily gold loan receipts and payments, due lists, pending loans, collection & payments reports. Direct weight capture from weighing machine to the software.

E-Count - Star : Hotel Management with Integrated Accounting. Luxury Tax, Service charge and other taxes calculation. Front Office, Restaurant, Bar, Store, Accounts and Banquets modules. Single & multi-user versions. Graphical representation of rooms with its status. All modules integrated with accounts. No re-entry required.


E-Count-IMS: Institutional & School  Management and Accounting (Student data management, Fees dues Setting, Collection, Store Management, Vehicle Servicing, Class & Vehicle wise fee collection, Fees dues, Reports etc....). Single & multi-user versions to suit your requirements.


E-Count - Diary : Personal data  Management & Accounting (Business data management, Address list, Schedules, Clients management. Address Label printing, Program schedules, Income & Expense entry, Receivables & Payables List, Cash & Bank balance sheet )



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