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E-Count : Inventory Management & Accounting

  • Inventory Management with Integrated Accounting.
  • Stock Valuation Using FIFO method accepted by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and Income Tax and Sales  Tax  Departments.

  • Dual Entry (Cash & Credits ) can  be made in single voucher.
  • Inventory Integrated with accounts avoid duplication of entries and ensure authenticity of accounts.
  • User Defined VAT & Cess Rates and different VAT rate items can be billed in same voucher.
  • Separate version for General Shop, Medical Shop, Textiles, Jewellary, Manufacturing unit etc..
  • Multi User version having multiple counter / user management.
  • Multiple sale Bill formats to suite customer requirements.
  • Bar-coding, Barcode printing using Laser Printers.
  • Ready to file e - filing data output
  • Unit change at any point of time.
  • Pre-defined Ledgers and Accounts groups