Eee Tech Solutions, a global IT service and solution provider based in India has been providing valuable services to its customers since 2008.  Our commitment, technical expertise, and transparency have made us a preferred partner to our clients. Easy to use and integrated accounting is the strength of Eee Tech Solutions and our satisfied customers are our real time software testers and promoters.

  Our Services
Accounting integrated Billing Software.
Custom software development
System integration services
Web designing & hosting

We present various E_Softs Products "Accounting and Billing Software" for various types of clients like Wholesale & Retail dealers, Medical shops, Medical LABS, Textile shops, Super Markets, Jewellary shops, Hotels (Front Office, Restaurant & Bars, Store, Banquets Hall Management, Payroll system with integrated Accounting), Schools / Institutional Management System (Student Management, Fee Management, Store / Library Management, Vehicle Management with integrated Accounting), Chits Funds and Financial Management systems, Online Accounting etc.


We have undertaken projects from all most all the major fields such as hotel management, institutional management, inventory and store  management, financial (chits, loan) management, staff and payroll management apart from website development & hosting, SMS message services to our clients.


Most of the the new generation VAT (Value added tax), e-return filing (e-filing VAT Returns) are enabled in E_Count Software packages. Barcode enabled for Inventory Management systems. User Management to limit the users from accessing the data. User can be restricted from accessing the data, reports, edit screens, modifying / canceling voucher / sale / purchase entries.



What differentiates us from our competitors is our ability to step into your shoes and study your unique business needs. We accurately identify the needs of each system requirement and apply the products and services that are the right fit.


A power packed software product to suit entire trading community, small business, department stores, shopping malls, businessmen (E_Diary),  with many advantages over other accounting and billing software of its kind.

 We are sure this product will help you to save your time and hence your money by virtue of its simplicity, customised reports and other advanced features. We provide 24 hrs online support to our clients  regarding software, accounting  and other computer related queries.  

 Cost Effective:

Our clients consider our low project cost an invaluable aspect in their association with us. We cut on costs by minimizing the operational expenses and maximizing the through put through effective utilization of resources.


Barcoding & barcode printing using Laser printers. Cheque printing and Manufacturing option in inventory management system.

Team :

We have a team of qualified software experts dedicated to the demands of our clients, reducing the design costs and time to market. Our knowledge engineers apply their experience and our advanced technology infrastructure to develop any new software or customize any existing ones to meet requirements. We provide exceptional service and support, and are focused solely on delivering the best and most productive solutions for our customers. Our customers are assured of our quality and reliability service. We know how important our clients are and how to retain them. That is how our collaborations succeed.



Exceptional outcomes require experience, talent, dedication and vision. We have assembled a world-class team of quality professionals with core competencies in planning, organizing and executing software projects onsite and offshore.

Latest News
Provision for e-return filing (creation of Sales & Purchase return files in KVAT directory). Stock report (FIFO stock valuation) added.
Online accounting with Inventory management and shopping cart is under testing and will be launched shortly
User Management system to limit the accessibility of users to the database.
Barcoding & barcode printing using Laser printers. Cheque printing and Manufacturing option in inventory management system.


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